Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal complained about Salman Khan, Bigg Boss said leave the show!

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Anurag Dobhal, popularly known as UK Rider, has been in the news for a few days. Now Anurag has decided to leave the show, on which Bigg Boss talked to him and know what happened next.

Bigg Boss 17 contestant Anurag Doval is being trolled a lot in the show.Salman Khan has also attended his classes many times.He also keeps having arguments with his roommates Arun and Tehelka Bhai.Now recently Anurag became very emotional in the show and he has also expressed his displeasure about Salman.Let us tell you what Bigg Boss said to him on this.

Bigg Boss 17: Anurag’s complaint

Actually, Anurag tells everyone that he wants to go home and everyone explains to him, but he does not agree.Vicky then advises him to talk to a psychiatrist.Anurag again says that the makers make fun of his bro army in the show and he cannot tolerate all this.Neil explains to them not to say anything that goes beyond limits.Shut up.But Anurag does not understand.

Bigg Boss 17: Anurag upset with Salman’s statement

Bigg Boss then calls Anurag to the confession room.After this Anurag says that he is very disturbed at home.Bigg Boss then asks him if he really needs a psychiatrist or are you saying this because Vicky has reminded him of the contract.Bigg Boss then asks Anurag if he wants to talk to Salman Khan?

Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss explained

Anurag then says that I would just like to say that whatever is said about Bro Sena should not be said.Say whatever you want to me, but not about bro army.Due to this I am feeling mentally pressured.Anurag was then asked who first talked about Bro Sena and he said, I never talked about Bro Sena like that.My family and fans are very happy to see me in the show but in the first Weekend Ka Vaar it was said that there is an army outside who feel the same.Bigg Boss, that is not my stand.

Bigg Boss 17: What decision did Anurag take

After a lot of explaining, Bigg Boss gives him the option to leave the show.Anurag says he is ready to go out, but without any penalty.I won’t be able to stay here.Bigg Boss then tells him that you know what will happen if he leaves the show so Anurag remains silent.

Bigg Boss 17: Anurag will leave Bigg Boss

Actually, a new promo of Bigg Boss 17 has surfaced, in which Anurag demands voluntary exit from the show. It can be seen in this video that after the transfer in the house, Anurag is sitting alone in the room. During this, he repeatedly demands voluntary exit from Bigg Boss, due to which he is called to the confession room by Bigg Boss. Here Bigg Boss says to Anurag twice, ‘You want to leave the show?’ Anurag answers ‘yes’. On this, Bigg Boss says, ‘You want to leave the show of your own free will…’ Then Anurag says, ‘If this continues like this, I will not be able to survive inside.’ It is being speculated from this promo that Anurag may leave the show. However, they can also be given proper guidance from Bigg Boss.

Anurag Doval is nominated for the entire season

YouTuber Anurag Doval had been the subject of much discussion before coming to the show and his fans expected him to create a stir in the show but it did not happen. There was an uproar in the entire house due to the fight between Anurag Doval and Arun Srikant Mashetti yesterday. Bigg Boss took this issue very seriously and immediately punished the housemates by closing the kitchen area. Not only this, Anurag had caused some vandalism in the kitchen area, due to which Bigg Boss punished Anurag for this. Anurag Doval was nominated for this entire season, this was considered a big punishment for him.

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